Dr Malcolm Stuart PhD

A man of enormous creative energy, he was one of the first highly qualified scientists in recent times to widely support and promote the many beneficial values of the plant kingdom.

His worldwide contributions to the subject of ‘herbs’ have led to him being described as ‘The Father of Modern Herbalism’.

His conversion from pure science occurred after observing first hand the traditional role of plants in rural medicine, whilst a university lecturer in Central Africa, and led to an outstanding clinical, literary and consultative career in which he consistently promoted the essential value of quality in plant products.

Dr Stuart’s wealth of experience and knowledge helped awaken a generation’s interest in herbalism, and created numerous high quality products in the food, medicinal and health sectors, as well as encouraging a resurgence in the cultivation of organically grown plants.

Dr Stuart's Qualifications & Experience

Education: Westminster and Birmingham University Medical School – 1969.

Qualifications: B.Sc. (Hons), Ph.D.

Appointed Commonwealth University lecturer in Microbiology and Plant Pathology ex London University on secondment to central Africa/S & E Earica 1969-1973. Established complete plant virus research unit & green house propagation facility.

Additional qualifications: MNIMH from National Institute of Medical Herbalists. Top student 1977 Final Examinations, awarded Norman Carter award.

Activities: 1974 – 1978 Director of London based charity The Herb Society.

1977 – Founded the Cambridge Physic Garden (Hortus Medicus Cantabrigiensis) as UK’s largest private collection of economic and medical plants for research and development.

1979 – Published the Encyclopedia of Herbs and Herbalism in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, and Finnish – total sales 500,000.

1981 – Wrote, edited and appeared in 5 part TV series on economic and medical plants for Central TV, UK.

1977 – Present Consultant in medicinal and economic plant development to a wide range of UK and International organisations including: The Body Shop, Booker Health, Fytosan, Dolisos, the Australian Government, Imeplan, the Jappe group, the Dominican National Development Corporation, Czechoslovakian Horticultural Institutes, Prince Charles Organic Trust.